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The 8th of November saw The Australasian Breeders Cup for 2013 held in Sydney. The competition saw 9 imported horses and many of the best Australian bred to contest for the Breeders Cup. A total of 41 horses could be accepted for the competition and two for ridden displays, as allocated to us by Equitana.

It was made public via social media, website and e-blasts when entries were open and to be taken through Nominate, our allocated number of horses filled within 30 hours. Junior gelding was the only class that didn’t receive the full number of entries; this then gave us the opportunity to accept entries from the standby lists for other classes.

The point score system we used allowed more than one horse to be shown in the same class by one handler. The highest scoring horse being awarded the winner puts all competitors at the same level. Victorian breeders were again well represented with 14 horses, 20 horses from NSW, 6 from Queensland and one wonderful mare who came across the ditch, the New Zealand mare Taralea Evita.

Our judges Sigi Siller from Om El Arab in the USA, Renata Schibler from Europe and Glenys Lilley from NSW, all world recognized judges & breeders of fine Arabian horses. Their knowledge of the breed was apparent and appreciated. Greg and Julie Farrell were the gracious hosts to our two International judges and during their stay they had the opportunity to see rural Australia at its best, as well as the incomparable magnificence of Sydney Harbor. Australian breeder and National judge Glenys Lilley completed our fabulous trio of judges.

Viv Motbey and Belinda Zaiter made a very special effort to display their beautifully presented geldings River Oak Prestige and Jade Park Astound in English, Western and Arabian Costume to the audience. Both horses and riders gave a great display in such a limited small arena. Their effort to display and promote the Arabian horse was gratefully appreciated by all directors of the AHBAA.

Our directors, including their partners, husbands and wives all contributed towards making this show a great success. Helen Rutland announced results assisted by Julie Farrell, Doug Rutherford chatted to the children handing out the newly released book by Kerri Grisham on The Amazing Adventures of Amurath Santiago. Silvio Galea, Fanus and Rhia Crous collated results, Donna Greene and Cameron Bonney marshalled the entries, while Annette Lowe assembled the horses from the stable area. Kelli Greene arranged music, Michael Greene, Peter Hall, Colleen Rutherford and retired director Allan Preston all assisted to keep the program running smoothly, and the great girls from Judges Choice - Rachel Monaghan, Alisha Gent and Natasha Whiteman were fantastic as our score card display girls. Scott Benjamin with his expertise also gave a hand.

The Arabian Horse was very well represented in the Breeders Village and on display with beauties from Future Farms and Mulawa Stud. With informative and interesting displays showcasing the breed to perfection and no doubt winning many admirers. We all thank you for such an amazing job, no doubt we have many new converts formed to the Arabian horse, because of your commitment to the breed.

Many of the exhibitors and trainers who attended this years breeders cup have been supporters from the inception of this promotion. Their support each year is appreciated especially as many travel long distances to attend.

Future Farms were the 2013 winners of the stunning Breeders Cup Trophy points allocated with Gold for Crave FF and two silver awards for both Enchanting FF and Atlantis FF. Highest Scoring horse of the 2013 Breeders Cup, was won by the beautiful stallion CraveFF, owned by Kate and Doyle Dertell from Future Farms. Crave was also the sire of the Gold Sash winning Junior and Senior Geldings, both owned by Olivia Cleary from Victoria

Award and Presentation night was very entertaining listening to the ride the Arabian Horse has taken Sigi Siller through her life. This charming lady had all who attend the dinner entranced. Renata Schibler spoke of experiences and adventures she has encountered through her judging Arabian horses worldwide, her talk was both entertaining and enlightening.

Congratulations to Kristie Trouchet-Nilsson for winning the beautiful Marian Duncan painting. There's a lot of envious people out there! Lucky you! Was great to see you there to receive this at the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance of Australasia Presentation night. We hope it takes pride of place on your wall

Congratulations also to Anthony Geyteman who won the Judges Choice for the Handler award. This award is given for kindness, manner and attitude shown to horses and fellow competitors and is completely the judges choice.

The awards presentation will become an annual event. Next year will be held in the Melbourne area.

Sponsorships from Mystica Arabians, Future Farms, Vink Publishing, AK Embroidery, West Coast Arabian Horse Alliance, Annabrae Stud, Karin Panuccio KP Arabians Qld, Lube Assist Vic, Arabian Valley Horse Club Qld, the Palms Arabians Qld, Mulawa Stud, and Arabians Australia, helped to make the show possible with limited entries and two international judges, entries alone couldn’t cover.

The AHBAA can’t thank the sponsors enough, you are gratefully appreciated. Thank you also to the fantastic photographers Kerry Frame, Danna Lingard and Kelli Greene/Arabians Australia for supplying these great shots.

Again the AHBAA Breeders Cup is over for 2013, but we welcome your support for the coming events. Become a sponsor or patron, and if you would like to volunteer to help in the future, please contact Colleen Rutherford:


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