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This November saw The Australasian Breeders Cup for 2014 held in Melbourne. A total of 42 horses could be accepted for the competition and including entries for our Arabian Costume Class, as allocated to us by Equitana.

Once again our amazing Gold Sashes were designed by sponsor, Jenni Fairweather of Leading Designs Custom Horse Couture. These spectacular sashes were well received by the winning horse owners and admired by all.

Gold Champion Colt - Sir Charmed FF
Gold Champion Colt - Sir Charmed FF

Breeders and handlers favorably received the opportunity to display some of the best the breed has to offer in front of hundreds of interested spectators, with horses representing New Zealand, Queensland, South Australia and locals from Victoria. With a tight time schedule and a limited numbers of entries allocated, the Breeders Alliance were thrilled to see the quality of the entrants.

Silver Champion Filly - Ajmanza RA
Silver Champion Filly - Ajmanza RA

Fillies three years and under - The Gold Sash winner was a yearling filly owned and bred by Queenslanders Chris and Doreen Trezise of Myriad Park, shown by Jason Hodgins of JH Show Training in Victoria. The points for Gold - 327.5 Marwans Jewel in the Crown (Echoes of Marwan x Aulda Shakhira) The 3 year old filly Ajmanza RA (Ajman Moniscione x Razara Eleganza) was awarded Silver with 326.5 Bred by Monica DeGraaf and leased and shown by Jayne Bellchambers. Bronze with 326.5 points for New Zealand entrant Kelaray Goddess of Love (Gazal Al Shaqab x Miracle of Love) Breeder/owner R & K Mason of Kelaray Stud.

Colt Three years and under saw a very impressive yearling colt Sir Charmed FF make a grand entrance with owner/breeder Doyle Dertell taking Gold - 332 points. Sir Charmed (SF Sir Real x Bremervale Charmed) was also the highest score award between the colt and filly. Noran Arabians from Western Australia donated a show halter for the special award.

Victorious KA won the Silver for Krishlah Arabians with 331. Victorious KA (Vitorio TO x Breathless) Breeder/owner Warke, Cleary, Young. Bronze, 323.5 Katar MI (Abha Qatar x Karess) Breeder Mulawa Stud. Owner E Brown.

Gold Champion Gelding - Prince Charming FF
Gold Champion Gelding - Prince Charming FF

The open gelding class had wonderful entries; 11horses were presented to our judges. One of our up and coming junior handlers, Kody Dertell confidently handled an exuberant Prince Charming FF to take home the Gold – 328.5 Prince Charming FF (Brumarbas Future x Bremervale Charmed).

Jullyen’s Jive Talk was awarded the Silver on 325. Jullyen’s Jive Talk HF (Gai el Jullyen x Hideaway Farm Miss B Havin) breeder P Wild and P Ryan owner A McCaw. Metaxa W (Avondale Cruise x Ajmala Mulahn) Breeder/owner J Bellchambers. Bronze, 323.5

In the mare class the big moving mare Judal’s Kiss of Jamaal was the judges winner

while Fairview’s Secret Obsession was awarded the Silver. These two mares were on equal points, the count back was taken to Type and again the result was equal, movement then determined the winning mare. Gold – 328.5 Judals Kiss of Jamaal (BRS23 Ruger AMW x Kkiss of gold) breeder Pyrah & Hunt. Owner H Rutland leased by JH Training. Silver – 328.5 Fairview Secret Obsession (Al Kha-Zar x Windella Silver Fascination) Breeder Hall & Stump. Owner M & B Bilney. Bronze on 319 points sash to Lover Girl FF (Brumarbars Future x Fames Passion) breeder Dertell/owner Dummett, Leased J & M Jackson.

Gold Champion Mare - Judals Kiss of Jamaal imp
Gold Champion Mare - Judals Kiss of Jamaal imp

Maximilliano took the Gold Sash in the stallion section, bred by Shane Edwards Arabians and Mulawa Stud. Gold - 332 Maximilliano (Guilliano x Mustangs Magnum) Breeder Mulawa Arabians/Shane Edwards Arabians. Owner Shane Edwards Arabians.

Earlier in the year he was awarded Australian Champion Intermediate Colt. Although Maximilliano was the only stallion presented he was a worthy winner.

The Stallion and Colt were in a count back to determine the Highest scoring horse of the show. Sir Charmed FF was acknowledged the overall Highest score horse of the show. Throughout the show, our judge’s scores were very close, on more than one occasion a count back went to type then if still tied it took movement to split the difference.

Gold Champion Costume -  Top Fancy Let’s Party
Gold Champion Costume - Top Fancy Let’s Party

Our costume horses stormed into the arena where Top Fancy Let’s Party once again won the Gold sash for his owners Gretchen and Keeley Copeman from South Australia. Silver to Zemzem Flanders owned by Melinda Stevens while the Bronze went home with Twinmills Bossanova and Kasey Hair.

Judges choice award selected by our three judges for sportsmanship and respect for the horse was awarded to Jayne Bellchambers. This is the second time Jayne has been presented with this title.

At an informal lunch on Sunday those present were given the opportunity to meet and chat with the judges, Glenn Jacobs, David Cains and Allan Preston. Three competent and confident judges were a pleasure to work with. The announcement of the Winner of the Australasian Breeders Cup went to Future Farm, Kate, Doyle, Kody and Jess Dertell. Congratulations to them and a huge thank-you to all who participated. Exciting, friendly, and fun are just a few comments from spectators and handlers alike.

Many thanks to the supporters of the Breeders Cup; your on-going support is so greatly appreciated. Working together we can keep the dream alive with our endeavor to promote and ‘Showcase’ the Pure Bred Arabian Horse.

Colleen Rutherford

Director of the AHBAA

Again the AHBAA Breeders Cup is over for 2014, but we welcome your support for the coming events. Become a sponsor or patron, and if you would like to volunteer to help in the future, please contact Colleen Rutherford:


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